The Things I Love

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这首《The Things I Love》是最近很获得一部游戏黑色洛城的游戏音乐之一,之所以今天会推荐这首歌曲,我觉得很大原因是这首歌很好的诠释了20世纪40年代-50年代的音乐风格,这首蓝调音乐刚开始听的时候你也许会觉得平淡,但是越往下听就越有感觉,感觉自己页回到了上世纪,它的演唱者是Claudia Brucken。
This is the first “The Things I Love” is the latest game is to obtain a black music in Los Angeles is one of the game, the reason why today would recommend this song, I think the big reason is that a good interpretation of the song of the 20th century 40 -50 years of music’s style, which first started listening to blues music when you may feel dull, but more down to listen to the more feeling, she felt back page of the last century, it is the singer Claudia Brucken.